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Will Irish in Australia be eligible for ‘backpacker tax’ rebate?

Irish tax accounting firm Taxback.com won a landmark victory in Australia against the country’s so-called “backpacker tax” this week. The federal court...

#wethenorth – Designated Area Migration Agreements have opened up opportunities for employers to hire semi-skilled professionals and ultimate nominate for Australian Permanent Residency.

Superannuation is often overlooked by both foreign workers in Australia and young Australians as a means to build wealth for the future. Our #yonderoriginal gives you a snapshot of what has grown into one of the biggest compulsory savings schemes in the world.

If you’re planning a move to Australia, transferring currency is something you’ll need to deal with sooner or later. The first of a series of articles from our currency news partner @TorFX gives you some insight into currency exchange rates and how to get more bang for your buck

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